A simple solution for all your internet and telecommunication requirments.

Business Solutions

 •  Fast ADSL connection up to 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, 10 Gbps or more.

 •  Broadband Internet Data packages unshaped rollover 50Gb, 75Gb, 100Gb, 200Gb or more.

 •  Wireless and wireless routers with or without fail over.

 •  Local and Remote technical support.

 •  Voip accounts, with unlimited free Vox to Vox calls.

 •  Cheapest call rates to Local phone numbers, mobile numbers or overseas numbers(saving of up to 50% or more).

 •  PABX Systems.

 •  Switchboards.

 •  Telephones.

 •  Features (See features below)

What are the benefits of choosing ADSL Telecom?

ADSL Telecom is a telephony communication company based in Somerset West – Western Cape, and we serve primarily the Business/Office environment as well as the Home/Office environment countrywide.

We at ADSL Telecom understand your need for telecommunications in business, so don’t be left out without excellent Telecommunication....! Call us today.

We will control your ADSL line... (This means never having to call Telkom for help again) and that means that you can have a tip-top fast internet connection all the time.

We will also control your Data package, and guarantee that you will have a far better internet experience than ever before. Our internet Data is Unshaped, and un-throttled, and whatever you don’t use this month gets added to the next month. Our Data rolls over month after month for as long as you stay with us.
Fast, reliable High Quality Communications facilities such as stable ADSL Lines, Internet Broadband with Data roll over, etc, opens the doors to an exciting new world.

It’s now time to leave the “Nomer asseblief” Analogue technology behind. Main Exchanges have been digital for years.... and the communication between them have been digital for just as long.... but your telephone system was left untouched for as long as possible, because of the tremendous earning potential that the old technology represented to the old monopoly.

Our Switchboards, PABX’s and telephones in general, are totally digital, and work with all and every known digital platforms.

Crystal clear voice is obtainable with fibre optic connections, and yes we can install those too, as long as lines are available in your area. Please give us a call, as these new services become available all the time.

ADSL Lines have also improved to such an extent that Voip calls are now a common practice at almost half the price to eighty percent less of a standard call, either to a Telkom number, Cell number, or Overseas number. How about free calls? Yes certainly.........! So if you imagine your company having branches all over the country, you can achieve 100% savings in communications between branches, irrespective of the number of calls you make or their duration. The same will apply to calls made to clients or suppliers that utilize the same system.

Furthermore, our telephony systems will always give you a choice to make a call either via Voip or a standard telephone line, this giving you total peace of mind.

In Short ADSL Telecom, offers you a simple solution at a fantastic price. From a simple small Home/Office solution with 2, 3 or 4 telephones, to a variety of fully fledge Switchboard, and PABX system capable of connecting anywhere from 6 to more than a 100 telephones, and a phenomenal capability to do up to 25 concurrent calls over only 6 telephone lines, will not only shatter your telephone bill month after month, but it will aid your company to sore it’s profits into infinity.

Our systems are feature rich, and offer you out the box, Attended Transfer, Audio Interface, Call Routing, Callback, Blacklist, Business Hours, Conference Room, CDR Call Detail Records, Blind Transfer, IVR/Auto Attendant, DID Direct Inward Dialing, Firewall, Busy Lamp Fields, Music on Hold, Voicemail to E-mail, Pin User (PIN Code Control), Call Divert/Forward, Listen In, Call Parking, Barge In, Call Pickup, Whisper In, Call Waiting, Caller ID, DND (Do Not Disturb), Fax(T.38), Follow Me/Call Forwarding, Intercom/Zone Intercom, Mobility Extension, One Touch Record,Paging Groups, QoS (Quality of Service), Ring Group, Speed Dial, Voicemail Per Extension, Web Based Control Panel.

All this with a fantastic SLA for fast and reliable local and remote backup, so no matter where you are we are just a call away, to help you keeping in touch.

Finally the icing on the cake. There is no long term contract! All services run on a simple month to month contract, and all that is required to terminate any of our services is 30 days written request to cancel.

Catch...? No catch.... we just believe that you should be happy with the services we provide, and if you are not for whatever reason, you must be able to just walk away.... Simple. But, we also believe that you will never want to change, and therefore see no reason to lock you in.