A simple solution for all your internet and telecommunication requirments.

Home Solutions

 •  Fast ADSL connection up to 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, 10 Gbps

 •  Broadband Internet Data packages unshaped rollover 50Gb, 75Gb, 100Gb or more.

 •  Wireless and wireless routers with or without fail over.

 •  Local and Remote technical support.

 •  Voip accounts, with unlimited free Vox to Vox calls.

 •  Cheapest call rates to Local phone numbers, mobile numbers or overseas numbers.

What are the benefits of choosing ADSL Telecom?

We will control your ADSL line... (this means never having to call Telkom for help again) and that means that you can have a tip-top fast internet connection all the time.

We will also control your Data package, and guarantee that you will have a far better internet experience than ever before. Our internet Data is Unshaped, and un-throttled, and whatever you don’t use this month gets added to the next month. Our Data rolls over month after month for as long as you stay with us.

Next in line is our standard wireless modem/router. With or without fail over, our routers will offer you the client immediate access to the internet without any need for wires. Modern TV’s and Radios are internet driven these days. Listen to more than a million radio stations with CD quality through the internet for free. Take a trip down memory lane and listen to the famous LM Radio, alive and kicking as never before, and here to stay via the internet. Read the news on your phone, skype, use your ipad and control your amplifier from your bedroom. Expand a bit, and get a hands free phone with music on hold and a call transfer to another phone. No more having to shout for someone in another part of the house, or at the neighbour.... just transfer the call.

And how about free calls? Yes free calls from your phone to anyone else in the country! Add a Vox Voip account to your phone and spend unlimited hours on the phone to any other Vox user in the country....! Even if they don’t have a Vox account you can still make calls to standard phones cheaper than Telkom to Telkom users can – At least that is the case as we type so make your move today.... why wait for something that might never happen? The same applies to calling Cell phones or overseas calls. Go ahead and try this. You will be amazed at the savings. Finally the icing on the cake. There is no long term contract! All services run on a simple month to month contract, and all that is required to terminate any of our services is 30 days written request to cancel.

Catch...? No catch.... we just believe that you should be happy with the services we provide, and if you are not for whatever reason, you must be able to just walk away.... Simple. But we also believe that you will never want to change and therefore see no reason to lock you in.